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Why Entrepreneurship?

  • To solve a huge problem that positively impacts millions of people
  • To make a difference in this world

Tell us the story of Evibe.

  • We wanted to plan our wedding online (Yelp for weddings)
  • Nothing existed back then. So, we decided to solve the problem
  • Later found PMF for small events and pivoted to building “Amazon for celebrations”
About Us |

With offline events taking a huge hit, how is Evibe dealing with COVID?

  • We tried many experiments and built a virtual party platform
  • We are thrilled to see thousands of kids & parents experience the future of celebrations from a wide variety of places across India and abroad
  • Offline events are now back to 30% pre-covid level and we expect it to come back 100% next year

How does your WFH setup look like?😍📸

What are you currently working on? 🚀

  • I am currently experimenting with a new idea in social gaming.

What are your favorite books?

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  1. I love Shoe Dog, Trillion Dollar Coach, Thinking in bets, Becoming, The hard thing about hard things
  2. I am very excited to explore books on stoicism next.

How does your app stack look like?

  • I use Audible, Notion, Twitter, Calendar, Meditation app Joy, Google podcast, Youtube for learning, Gaana for music and a few physical books for day plan/review, habit tracking, sharing gratitude and journaling learnings/reflection.

What's your playbook for success?

I still have a long way to go but so far these qualities helped me:

  • Being ambitious
  • Taking risks
  • 100% commitment
  • Discovering a higher purpose in life and aligning all the life decisions to it
  • Believing in yourself and people around you

Who are some entrepreneurs you look up to?

There are many in the west but in India, I look up to Vivekananda from Bounce. He came from a small town and hustled his way to build a great business. He always strives for open access to more founders. Above all, he is a great human and I would love to follow his footsteps.

Vivek, Founder of Bounce

Being an Entrepreneur is hard, were there any 'low phases' in your life as an entrepreneur? How did you overcome them? 💪

  • I would say there are many “No”s and rejections we face as an entrepreneur. And I just focused on things that are in our control and took action. It has given me many learnings and also made me a better human.
  • Also, a closed circle of peers/mentors to reach out and share regularly was very helpful in this journey.

Some advice for budding founders.

Operate in a BIG market and just focus on your users, rest will fall in place.

Lastly, what's your favorite movie? 🎬

KGF for a power-packed story and all the elevations.

KGF – Chapter 3' to follow 'KGF – Chapter 2'!

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