SuperAMA with Saurav Arya a.k.a Indian Digital Nomad

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Saurav Arya is the founder of Small World, WorkStays and Cultural Immersion and Impressive Infographics. He’s also a Digital Nomad and had visited 91/195 countries in the world. How amazing is that? 🥳

This week we spoke with Saurav Arya about his life, work, interests & soo much more... with no further delay, lets get started!! 👇

✈️⛺What motivated you to become a Digital Nomad?

Living a year full of sundays motivated me to pack my work in my backpack and get on this life quest to visit all 195 countries. 💻🌴🌎

👨‍💻 Remote work culture has opened doors for many towards adopting digital nomadic culture, how do you see this trend shaping up in the future?

I believe we would witness an exponential rise in the number of people embracing DN lifestyle this decade. Earlier it was a choice, now its a new normal. We'd see employers encouraging their employees not just to work remotely and work async but also work from anywhere and travel around if they prefer it that way.

🌍 Going by the geography, economy & demographical norms, what is the best country you had visited so far and why?

I can't decide which one is the best but some of my favorites are : Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, Colombia, Vietnam and Japan

Getting myself lost in Japan [ IG: @clay.banks ]
Photo by Clay Banks / Unsplash

⛺ How should one think about getting started with Digital Nomadism?

Join my bootcamp 🙂 (JK)

To get started, start with short workcation trips. Meet DNs who has been living this lifestyle to understand pros and cons of being a DN. It's different from what we see on Youtube and IG.

Join clubhouse rooms to discuss about different aspects of DN lifestyle. Read books - 4 hour work week, $100 startup, Vagabonding.

Your Digital Nomad Bootcamp sounds fun! What is it about?

It's a two week remote bootcamp which prepares you to live, work and travel around the world.

From building lifestyle businesses, passive income source to travel tips, tricks and hacks, we discuss A to Z of DN lifestyle.

You can find more details here -

🎥 What motivated you to become a content creator?

Creating content has been an outlet for me to let out all my life experiences and learnings. I still feel guilty for not writing about travel experiences that often but I try to make up for the same by hosting clubhouse rooms and bootcamps.

🖥 How does your desk setup look like?

While traveling :

While not traveling :

📱 How does your app stack look like? (Websites & Apps you use everyday)

Spotify, Discord, Twitter, IG, Medium, Blinkist, Netvibes, Producthunt, Slack, Zoom, Otter, Whatsapp

💪 What are some things you do to stay motivated?

Cold shower, long walks, talk with friends and family.

🎙️ Top 3 favourite books & podcasts

  1. Books - Tribe of mentors, Happiness of pursuit, $100 startup
  2. Podcasts - 7 good minutes, The Tim Ferriss show, My first million
7 Good Minutes Daily Self-Improvement Podcast – Podcast – Podtail

📺 Top 3 favourite TV Series

  1. Southpark
  2. Money Heist
  3. Somebody feed Phil

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