5 Tips to get started as a Content Creator in 2022

5 Tips to get started as a Content Creator in 2022

Being a content creator is quickly becoming one of the coolest professions on the planet, the world is seeing a huge bump of talented and succesful content creators across all social platforms. Besides the financial upside what makes it popular is the freedom to truly earn money from your passion. Based on our experience working with creators across multiple niches and sizes, here are a few tips on how you can nail it as a new content creator in 2022.

Quality over Quantity

It's not how many times you post content but its all about the quality and originality of the content. You've to create consistent value with the content you put out in your videos or articles.

Always keep in mind that people follow creators for two broad reasons,
a) To get entertained
b) To learn something new

Stay Relevant

Relevance in the #1 element why content creators gain a huge following. If people cannot relate with your content, you should be able to find it fast and quickly iterate towards finding that relevance. Many budding creators face this problem , so its not all bad.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to find relevance is to just ask for it. Ask your followers or friends if they find your videos/posts relatable and engaging.

Ask Feedback

In the early days, you NEED to understand your content-audience fit. In simple terms, determining what kind of content you are going to make and who are those people that are going to view and engage with it. Most creators cannot make it because their content wasn't loved enough or there is no audience for it.

So asking your early followers for feedback is the best way to learn if they are liking your content. DM them, conduct polls to understand what type of content they'd like to see from you and then make a solid strategy around it.  

Collab with other budding creators in your niche

Collabs are a very interesting way creators grow. They allow you to tap into the follower-base of other creators with a solid relevance. We've seen several creators grow 10X with-in just a few months by using collabs effectively.

Not just that, building connections with budding creators helps you in a ton of ways that you can ever imagine. They can help you with useful information while partnering with brands,  give feedback on your content and much more.

If you find a creator interesting, just send him/her a nice compliment on DM or email. You could talk about how they ideated a specific script, motivations to choose the path of a content creator etc.. after all creators got several things to vibe together!

Instagram's new collab feature

By joining a community, you get to meet a lot of cool people and learn a lot of information. Communities give you access to hundreads of creators like you where you get to chitchat and learn from their experiences. You also meet people like editors, graphic designers who can help you in the journey as a creator.

For joining creator communities, the major places you've to lookout are Discord and Clubhouse. My next choices would be Facebook & Telegram groups.

Few links of creator communities:
Youtube India(Non-official): https://discord.gg/Kepz7UeQ
NewTubers(Gbobal): https://discord.gg/zxZyPFe5
Sava(Indian): https://discord.gg/UQafjxaN

Lastly, team Superpage is super-excited to see your success as a content creator. Do DM us on @superpageofficial to learn more about how you can grow and monetise as a creator.

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